Summer Skincare Must-Haves

Over the last few years I have really started to notice the damage from the beating that my skin takes over the summer.  From air conditioned offices, to humid outdoors, to sunblock, to bug spray, and everything in between, your skin never really gets a break!   Here is what I use that keeps my skin clear and glowing all season long. 

First of all I always take my makeup off with Simple Micellar water.  It gets everything off so you never have raccoon eyes in the morning but it does not sting at all if you get it in your eyes.  Strong yet gentle! You can get this at CVS or even on Amazon here

Step 1:  I start with Peter Thomas Roth Acne Clearing Wash. Buy here. Full disclosure, I have been very fortunate to not have much of an issue with acne.  I use this as a sort of preventative in the summer because I know I can be more acne prone in the heat.  I don’t know how well this wash works if you do have acne issues.   I always use my clarisonic, because I feel like my skin just is never as clean without it.

Step 2: Dry and apply Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum. You can buy at Ulta here.  This serum is SO good.  This is my favorite product in the list.  It does not sit on top of your skin or give you a sticky feeling.  Instead, it penetrates under the skin’s top layer letting moisturizer sit right on top.

Step 3: Once the serum is slightly tacky I add Exuviance Age Less Everyday moisturizer. Buy here.  This moisturizer is light enough to wear under makeup which is what I really love about it.  At the same time, it is nourishing enough so that you still feel it in the morning if you apply it before bed!

Step 4: Apply Revive Eye cream. This cream is admittedly a splurge but it is definitely worth it.  This pot also lasts forever (I think I have had mine for almost a year now) buy here.  An esthetician once told me to only apply this every other night.  I’m not sure if that’s actually what you should do but I use it almost daily. 

If I feel like my skin is in need of a pick me up, I will use the M-61 Power Glow Peel from Blue Mercury.  You can buy it here.  This is a great glycolic peel that is gentle enough to not irritate dry skin, yet you can still feel it exfoliating the second you swipe it on.  

If I am feeling a little saggy (who isn’t?!) I love the Super Collagen Mask from Mario Badescu.  Linked here, this mask instantly makes my skin feel tighter! I am obsessed, and Ive been trying to make this my Sunday routine to get wedding ready.  It is also one of the most affordable masks I have found!

What are your summer skin care must haves?! 


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